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Sock it to me!

Finally I have some knitting-related blog content!

May I present my first pair of socks - aka David's birthday socks:

These were finished just before his birthday, so they're well overdue for showing off.

Yarn: Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch - colour 506.
Pattern: I used the simple sock pattern that came free when I bought the yarn.
Needles: 2.mm dpns - Clover bamboos, because I love bamboo needles.

These were a lovely introduction to sock knitting: a nice yarn with a bit of colour variation to keep me from getting bored, and an easy pattern. My only quibble was that the socks took a little longer than I expected - mostly because David has large feet!

Using the same pattern, I knat myself the pair of rainbow socks I've previously blogged about:

Yarn: Opal sock yarn - Feelings shade 01.
Pattern: as above.
Needles: as above.

The first sock knitted up like a dream - the stripes finished juts as the heel shaping started, and even there, the colour was distributed beautifully.

On the second sock, however, things were more complicated. The lengths of colour seemed inconsistent with those on the first sock, and there was a lot of frogging, re-knitting, etc. and annoying tension tweaking to get the stripes lined up nicely. This was particularly irritating to me because I pride myself on my textbook tension (I seem to get what I'm supposed to pretty much every time, and it's even throughout a garment).

Even after some washing, this yarn produces a slightly scratchy sock. I don't see myself wearing them as everyday socks - more likely, they'll be my default slipper-socks. After all, they are lovely and cheerful.

I have another ball of Opal sock yarn, plus my lovely stash, but I'm not sure what I'll knit next. I'm hoping to finish up my UFO, plus pick up some nice yarn in Paris at the weekend for... something.

Mostly, I'm anxious about a particular job, and unable to focus on anything for very long before I feel stressed. So I'm giving knitting a rest in favour of reading and tv - less opportunity to make mistakes that I feel too crappy to frog and re-knit.

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Anonymous Worsted_knitt Says:

Pretty socks! And going to Paris! I loved it so much - hope you guys like it too.


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