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At last, our stuff has arrived.

Here's a curly question for you: how long does it take you to jump out of the shower, answer your phone, dry off, get dressed, and meet someone to let them in?

Turns out that it takes me less than 2 minutes. Now, I was not very dry, nor was I very well-dressed. However, I was respectable enough to not scare the very nice delivery man. And what a nice delivery man he was - full delivery service, right into the apartment.

Once I got the boxes inside, I'd intended to moisturise, hang up my hastily-discarded towels, etc. - but I couldn't. Because the boxes blocked access to the bathroom. Just as well I didn't need to use it, I guess.

It took about half an hour for me to transform our apartment: from fairly tidy, to completely chaotic. There was a lot of good stuff in there, though - lots and lots of clothes, our beloved duvet, shoes, some hand-knitted items, and... yarn and knitting supplies!

Ah, my yarn. It was the first thing in the first box, which cheered me up no end. And it all just fit into the drawer I'd mentally reserved for it. But then I discovered this:

Forgotten cotton. Also known as Panda Regal 4-ply cotton, staple of my knitting life for the past couple of years, due mainly to its wide availability and cheap price. It helps that it's machine-washable, too - great for baby and children's clothes.

I got rid of a lot of this, but I'd forgotten how much I still had. And this definitely doesn't fit into my reserved drawer.

Of course, my knitting needle collection won't fit in there, either. Or my very small collection of books. Ah well.

You can probably guess how I'll be spending my time this afternoon: tidying, tidying, tidying. An episode of Grey's, more tidying, then going out to get a couple dozen more hangers to hang our clothes on.

And tomorrow? I'll be vacuuming and mopping. Because the boxes were filthy, so our recently-mopped floors (thanks, David!), and my feet, now have a thick layer of grey-black dirt on them in places.

Ah, good times.

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Blogger The Editter Says:

Yay for finally having your stuff! I love Grey's too, but only started watching this season (season 3 in NZ). I got season 1 out on DVD but still haven't seen season 2!

Anonymous Bill Says:

Save that plastic bag... FC is sadly out of business, after 30-odd years and three different locations. (I spent MANY childhood hours bored-stiff in that shop, or in the car outside that shop. My heartfelt condolences to David. How in the world, Laura, did you acquire said bag?)

Congratulations on finally being "moved in."

Blogger Laura Says:

Editter: yeah, it's great to have a slightly less trashy show to love, finally!

Bill: this is the bag I got when we visited in '05. I'd have to save it anyway - if you want a plastic bag here, you have to *pay* for it - environmental measures. Not, of course, that recycling is mandatory...

Anonymous Worsted_knitt Says:

Cool that the stuff finally arrived; the cleaning is one-off, right.
Hope you start feeling like home soon ! See you tomorrow?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Grey's huh ... about time Lol! Must say tho, first two seasons were better than the (current)third. I'm not the obsessive regular I once was. Now - has Ireland discoved 'Men in Trees'? Probably not, but its fabulous. Think 'Sex and the City' type show; philosophising-about-love-and-life, but instead of New York the show is set in Elmo; backwater-smalltown Alaska. Totally loving Men in Trees, on tonight woohoo. One of the few TV highlights here. Apart from Lost, that is. AM


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