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On Sunday we made the slightly impulsive decision to have a little holiday over the upcoming bank weekend (not this weekend, but the next).

We're going to Paris!!!

I'm so excited. Disproportionately excited really, especially given that it hasn't been too long since our last extended travel break, but I've always wanted to go to Paris - I mostly want to sit in the cafes, drink coffee (day) and champagne (night), walk the streets, and eat pastries.

I think I'm also excited because it doesn't always feel like I'm in Europe, and this will be concrete proof.

Our flight leaves Dublin at 8pm on Friday and we get back at 23:15 on Monday. We have a hotel booked somewhere between the Parc Monceau and the Square des Batignolles (is that good?).

I'm not in a blogging mood, but I just wanted to brag.

Peace out.

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Anonymous Nell Says:

Sorry meant to say this a couple of days ago but got all side tracked: "YAY!!!! PARIS!!!!!"


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