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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Global Peace Index 2008

See http://www.visionofhumanity.org/gpi/results/rankings/2008/.

Noo Zilland at #4 (beaten by Iceland, Denmark and Norway).
Japan at #5.
Ireland at #6.
Australia at #27 (oh dear).
United Kingdom at #49.
USA at #97.
Iraq last at #140.

Given that nos 1, 2, 3 and semi-frozen, and being cold naturally discourages restlessness, I think 4th place is pretty good, with Ireland not far behind.



The Rebels

Seems like yesterday we were 16
We were the rebels of the rebel scene
We wore doc martens in the sun
Drinking vintage cider having fun
We were drinking vintage cider having fun
It wasn't often that we fought at all
It wasn't often...
We wore doc martens in the sun
Paint our toenails black and let our hair grow
What I am now is what I was then
I am not more acceptable than then
I am not more acceptable than then
It wasn't often that we fought at all
It wasn't often...
Seems like yesterday we were 16
We were the rebels of the rebel scene

- The Cranberries



Life in NZ

(From Sideswipe)

Message a reader spotted on a church door while travelling towards East Cape: "You are most welcome to enter this church. Please excuse the fishy smell. We have a whanau of penguins nesting under the floorboards of the baptismal font and mother penguin is busy bringing fish to feed her little whanau. Please close the door on leaving because of possum damage."
PS. whanau = family



Fat cat bootcamp

Laura is away on work, so I've plenty of time to surf youtube for the choicest videos:



Lighthouse Cinema

Dear Lighthouse Cinema

Congratulations on opening your new Smithfield cinema on May 9. I can't believe my luck at having a brand new 6-screen art house cinema literally next door.

Wouldn't it be a nice gesture (and a clever business idea) to acknowledge the residents in Smithfield Market who have been inconvenienced by the cinema's construction. Of those residents, I can't think of any more deserving of compensation than my wife and I. For my wife's part, she was very much restricted in her movements due the obstructions (objects and persons) in and around our car park. Speaking for myself, I think it was the dirt that most got me down. That and the sound of circular saws first thing in the morning as I walked my wife to said car park (also the builders made me feel self-conscious in my suit - but maybe that says more about me than them?).

Anyhow - we are prepared to accept any token, no matter how small. (But I'd suggest 6 complimentary tickets for me, and a large popcorn for my wife).

On the positive side, I am very much looking forward to patronising your cinema and already have this months program. Regular movies will be a comfort to me during the next two weeks as my wife is leaving me on account of her work.

Yours expectantly
Mr Liliwedding






It's a bank holiday Monday and ...

Today will be dry and bright, with warm sunshine nationwide. Long sunny spells are expected across the midlands, north and east, however it will be cloudier at times near west and southwest coasts. Highest temperatures 17 to 21 degrees, in a light to moderate southerly wind.

And it was warm yesterday too. We inaugurated the roof terrace for the year with sushi (M&S) and champagne (from Paris).



Creator of LSD, Albert Hofmann, dies aged 102

Although I have never used it, one cannot help be fascinated by this most powerful hallucinogen, or by its unlikely discoverer, or by the events surrounding its discovery:
While researching lysergic acid derivatives [for medicinal usage],
Hofmann first synthesized LSD-25 in 1938. It was set aside for five years, until
April 16, 1943, when Hofmann decided to take another look at it. While
re-synthesizing LSD, he accidentally absorbed a small quantity through his
fingertips and serendipitously discovered its powerful effects before his
bicycle ride home.
Call me a romantic, but it amuses me no end to imagine this staid scientist riding home on his bicycle in Switzerland having the world's first acid trip.

(Up until his death, Albert continued to believe in the therapeutic benefits of LSD. He was due to speak at the World Psychedelic Forum but was forced to pull out due to ill health).