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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Aptly named North Korean town

Kilju indeed :-(



Lisa Hannigan - Lille


Soba kisses & udon dreams

We miss you Tokyo! 私たち日本の愛!

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Auckland's BIG Little City

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Happy birthday M&S - we love you more than you will ever know



Also - a good time to take out Euro

The NZ/EUR cross rate is looking particularly good for NZ'ers. If you're planning a holiday to Europe, even if it's a way off, I'd buy some € now.



Warning – your investment may go up as well as down

Thanks to David McWilliams' column for pointing me to a brilliant Irish blog on economics.

This guy blogs about the kind of stuff that I want to read. Actually the kind of stuff I would like to write. If you're at all interested in economics I strongly encourage you to read it.

And to tempt you further, here is a selection of things to read:
Great stuff Ronan!

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Robinsons "Be Natural" Squash




We found a seagull nesting on the roof we overlook.



Eurovision 2009 Winner - Norway

And a deserving win it was too.

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Legendary Smack

Now available at Tesco Ireland - every little helps.
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Material reductionist façade shows cracks

See Chemist Shows How RNA Can Be the Starting Point for Life.

The article reports that an English chemist, John D. Sutherland, has found a way to cause nucleotides (the building blocks of RNA, i.e. the building blocks of life) to form naturally, as they would have done on the primitive Earth - thwarting a problem has long tripped up scientists looking at the origins of life.

This was a 10-year effort and involved working methodically through every possible combination of starting chemicals - and it is reported that the winning combination was particularly counter-intuitive.

Dr Sutherland said:

"My assumption is that we are here on this planet as a fundamental consequence of organic chemistry. So it must be chemistry that wants to work." [italics added]

Oh my! Dr Sutherland! You shouldn't have! Are you saying there is some kind of creative principle at work in these mere ... chemicals?
"What separates me from most so-called atheists is a feeling of utter humility toward the unattainable secrets of the harmony of the cosmos."
- Albert Einstein to Joseph Lewis, Apr. 18, 1953



Please stop

How do you know if you've got swine flu?

You come out in a rasher.




Thank goodness we're going to Paris next weekend! I've nearly run out of my man-aroma.




From eBay:

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