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An antidote to a gloomy day

What do you do when you're still waiting on recruitment agents; when the boxes that are supposed to be delivered aren't; and when life generally seems to consist of endless waiting and domestic chores?

You settle down in front of the tv for some Grey's Anatomy, diet Coke and yarn in hand, and you cast on for a sock. A plain sock, but a sock that you will have the pleasure of wearing.

I picked up this yarn at This Is Knit last Friday. It's just simple Opal yarn, and less glamorous and soft than the yarn I've been knitting with recently, but it's rainbow-coloured, which means I'll end up with rainbow striped socks.

I've always liked rainbows, though I'm not sure why - I suspect the 80s had something to do with it. At the grand old age of 28, however, it's not always appropriate to work the rainbow in your everyday life. I'm hoping that these socks will cheer me up on grey and miserable days.

I didn't realise that the yarn was painted, rather than dyed - this gives it a paler, slightly flecky appearance. I generally prefer truer colours than these, but the flecky quality helps to soften the otherwise-harsh tones of the painted bits, so it's a pretty good balance.

Plus, it's nice to knit for myself again.

I wouldn't have cast on for these today at all, but the delivery guy didn't bring our packages. Apparently he called me and I never answered.... But I never got his call. So instead of a whole lot of unpacking - and some seaming of some important projects I sent ahead - I figured I should try to keep myself both occupied and cheerful.

The diet Coke? Well, I'm still digestively challenged, so I'm still trying to keep away from sugar. There aren't many sugarless options here (are there no diabetics in Dublin?), but at least there's diet Coke.

And as for Grey's Anatomy? I never got into it when it began screening in NZ - timing or something, I guess. But on Monday I caught the first episode (ok, the last 50 minutes of the first episode). It seems that Grey's has replaced one or another of the forensic crime shows in the daily line-up, so it's on every day. And finally, I understand why people like it. It's like ER crossed with... something more character-driven, plus... what's the show that has the annoying voice-overs? One Tree Hill maybe?

Anyway, I understand people's obsession with it. It's pretty good, though I'd still like the actress who plays Meredith to EAT SOME FOOD. Especially FATS AND CARBS. Otherwise she won't need a scalpel to operate - she can just use her bodyparts, once they've been sufficiently sterilised.

Anyway, back to the laundry, before Lili comes home and finds I've done other, non-housewifely things all day long!

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Anonymous Worsted_knitt/Lumia Says:

Hi Laura, finally found your blog!
I love the rainbow-sock and hope it'll keep you smiling through these rainy days.

Anonymous Nells Says:

I'm so proud of you Laura.. you're finally enjoying the *best* tv show on the planet.. I knew you would.. you like Gilmore Girls after all. I do love Greys Anatomy, and it's even better because someone has given it to me so I can watch it in advance!!! In the favourite stakes it's followed closely by Heroes, though, so I'm proud of you too David! How about Prison Break? I'm a little bit hooked on that too.. anyone would think I spent all my time watching TV..

Blogger david Says:

Yes Nells, you would :-)

Anonymous Bill Says:


A childhood affinity reasserts itself? Har har. You could get a great price for those socks in a Dead/Phish/Dave Matthews concert parking lot... Lucrative side career?

Blogger Laura Says:

Lumia: hi, and welcome!

Nells: I think one show is enough for now - I don't want to get too addicted to tv!

Bill: yeah, I blame Rainbow Brite too. And if the employment situation persists, who knows what kind of side career it might ned up being!


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