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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Happy birthday Nell!

Here is our gift to you: as requested, some photos of the Georg Friedrich Händel ... monument... in our courtyard. You won't escape the fact that he is naked, and very cut. What a great present!

Have a great birthday!

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Anonymous Nell Says:

Oh you remembered!!! :o) Big brownie points you guys! I did not realise the statue was naked, you forgot to mention that, must be quite a sight to look out on every day :o) Thanks guys!!!

Anonymous Nell Says:

Why naked though?? Unless Dublin was a very different place back then, I'm almost sure he didn't do his first performance without at least some clothes on, even if he was unusually well cut... Quite a feat to be standing on top of that pipe too I'd imagine :o) Ok.. I'll stop spamming your blog now :o) Sorry!

Blogger david Says:

You're a dirty person.

Anonymous Nell Says:

Now thats not very nice young man :oP I ask a question and look what I get.. sigh.


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