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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Incident: rejected takeoff due to fish strike

From http://www.avherald.com/h?article=41d56b1f&opt=0:

An Air Canada Jazz de Havilland Dash 8-100, flight QK-7710 from London,ON to Toronto Pearson,ON (Canada), impacted a fish during its takeoff roll and rejected takeoff. The airplane stopped safely.

NAV Canada reported besides the DH8A, that an osprey flying overhead the aerodrome had dropped a carp, which impacted the airplane. The FAA reported the airplane to be a DH8C (Dash 8-300).

The airplane departed a few minutes later and reached Toronto on schedule.

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BBC TV Concorde special from 1989

Really good - about 30 mins altogether. Watch a take-off from Heathrow and a landing at Washington Dulles. See an explanation of the cockpit controls from the pilot and flight engineer. Watch the instruments as they go supersopnic!

Really an amazing plane, a real it was retired.

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Classic Richard Feynman lectures

Classic 1964 Richard Feynman lecture series on Physics at Cornell




I just got given what I owe and blown it on a stereo

Here we go.
I just got given what I owe
and blown it on a stereo,
can I have some more?
Crashed the car,
drinking at the candybars,
makes you sick inside your heart
and no one ever knows.

When the honey don't come
When the honey don't come
When the honey don't come
When the honey don't come
We're making beelines to heaven.

And angels are just all the same.
They wait until your in so much pain,
and then they call your name.
See I hate this show,
I just got into Rock & Roll
and I can't sleep at night.

When the honey don't come
When the honey don't come
When the honey don't come
When the honey don't come
We're making beelines to heaven.



It's not just food, it's M&S food

In the absence of easily available (fairly) healthy takeaway options (like Burger Fuel and Renkon), it's no exaggeration to say we couldn't survive without M&S.

And you can tell people it's great, but they're like, it's a supermarket dude, who like cares like.

So for those poeple not blessed to live in an M&S-serviceable area, I photographed yesterday's shopping. So you can see, for yourselves, what we mean.

Oh, and yes, that pizza was really good.



Not 100% correct

From here.

The text is amusing.

R.IP. Jacko.




(Prices in NZ$)

Hmm... I got mine in Ireland for $20 on a 12-month $40/month plan.

Someone's making a killing on this.



Lisbon Treaty 2 - coming to your cinemas October 2



Life in Ireland #oh I can't remember

From http://www.independent.ie/national-news/man-fined-for-punching-a-punch-bag-1815656.html

Man fined for punching a punch bag

It was a tale of the punch-bag that hit back. A Monaghan man yesterday pleaded guilty to damaging a festival punch-bag machine that he was playing with, after it struck him a blow on the jaw.

Paul Kelly, of Lisanisk, Carrickmacross, was ordered by the judge at the local district court to pay €1,950 to the owners of the machine, which had been in use at a recent summer festival in the town centre.

The defence told the court that when his client punched the machine hard and thought he was entitled to a payout, the machine suddenly struck him a blow to the jaw.

The lawyer added that in a fit of anger at what happened, his client then hit out very strongly, causing damage to the mechanism of the machine.

Kelly was ordered to pay for the damage he had caused, prior to a further sitting of the court on October 28. If he pays up, the judge said he would dismiss the charge under the Probation Act.

- Patsy McArdle



The Perfect Pint

Yet another qualification to add to Laura's credentials.



Oh, so, yeh

To the one person that asked, no we aren't going to Malta!

For all my moaning, which was considerable, we have actually literally booked a summer holiday and all. We said "no" to the somewhat tempting heavily-discounted package holiday in Sorrento (amazing location, less-than-amazing accommodation) and "yes" to what I'll refer to, from now on, as "our chateau" (or an apartment therein) just outside of Lamilou-les-Bains in the Languedoc-Roussillon. It has a swimming pool, it has sprawling grounds, rivers, an old railway line, and even an orangerie. Yes, an orangerie. Bless them.

What is class is: car hire for 9 days was less that €300 (using Hertz through Ryanair.com) - how is that even possible?, we get to spend a day & night in Carcassone (that of the fairytale walled Cité) which is a destination in itself, and we fly out of Marseille-Provence airport, so we have a day or two to amuse ourselves along the Meditereanen coast, up in the hills, or in pretty cities and towns as we wish.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ryanair for, and I've never said this before, flying into slightly obscure locations that make for perfect holidays (as opposed to long and boring coach trips into the city you actually wanted to see).

So, 6 weeks and counting...

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