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Cinnamon patrol

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Chugging along

Finally, David blogged about our upcoming trip to Paris.

He's wildly excited - which is really cute. And I'm also pretty excited. After about a month of sugar-free-ness, I've been slowly working sugar back in. Now I have more of an incentive - otherwise, who will keep David company with all the pain au chocolat and wine?

I must confess, I'm also excited to be able to visit France properly. I did go once when I was in Germany, but it was to buy food at a huge supermarket, then we went home. This time I'll have a real chance to look around, eat, drink, take photos...

And perhaps shop a little. The skincare I use is not widely available in Ireland, but it seems easy to get in Paris. And, of course, there's a whole lot of yarn... Lots and lots of yarn...

I've begun thinking about packing strategically. We're flying Ryanair, which is moderately cheap, but has strict luggage limits: 15kg in the hold per person, with no combining; and 10kg per person carry-on. We're hoping to get away with one checked bag and two carry-ons.

Given the amount of yarn and wine I'd like to bring back (plus the moisturiser), we'll need to take very little with us. Or maybe buy another bag to check in.

Aside from dreaming of Paris, I've been keeping fairly busy with the usual: job hunting (including some interviews!), buying stuff we need to get sorted in the apartment, and knitting. After much to-ing and fro-ing (knitting, unravelling, and re-knitting, multiple times), I almost have my first pair of me-socks - socks for me to wear. I'll take some pics and blog a bit more about them once they're done.

The job hunt is still quite disheartening - I am almost too superstitious to blog about the good stuff, because it is all so uncertain. And sloooooooooooow. But if you have any good luck/ vibes, please send them my way - I really, really need them.

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Anonymous Nell Says:

Good luck/vibes always coming your way babe! and YAY!!! PARIS!!!


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