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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


T90 advertisement

How cool is this?

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Flat White vs. Latte: answer revealed

According to the Bald Barista, the difference between a flat white and a latte is only in the amount of foam the coffee has.

He showed me that my flat white had 2-3 mls of foam only and that by shaking it gently from side to side it wobbled significantly more than the latte.

(I always thought it was more to do with the proportion of milk vs. coffee)

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Ireland is a picture



Barcelona is Gaudi

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And: How do you pronounce Asperges, as in Asperger's Syndrome?

"as-per-jes" or "oz-burgers"?

Comments please.



Flat White vs. Latte

What's the difference? I found out from the Bald Barista today.

Tell me what you think & no wikicheating.