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Patience, or the virtue I'm most in danger of losing

If patience is a virtue, I've been a very virtuous person up to now. But I think I'm about to lose it.

We are still waiting on our boxes to be cleared by customs. Until then, unless we go shopping (a pleasant thought, but one that involves spending lots of money, so we've both nixed it), I will wear the same clothes I've been wearing for the past two months.

Two months in two pairs of casual pants? Two months with a small, rotating wardrobe you were already sick of after two weeks? Both very annoying. Even though I know I'd probably end up wearing these clothes anyway, it's not having the choice that drives me mad.

Also contained in those boxes: books, knitting supplies, and general items designed to make our lives comfy and our apartment feel homely. I am really, really sick of waiting for the boxes. And every week of part thereof that we wait, we get charged an additional 50 euros for storage. Grr.

We're also waiting on the NTL cable tv/ internet people to come and actually hook us up. They've been out twice, but both times they haven't had the key to the NTL cabinet in the building. It's a cabinet that they put in and they lock, so that they control who accesses it, and thus who gets NTL services. Yet they profess not to have a key to it!

It will have been two weeks tomorrow. If they can't connect us this week, I want to go with a different kind of internet. Because NTL have a monopoly on cable internet here. Of course.

Also trying my patience? The job hunt, of course. In Ireland, "immediate" means "some time in the next month or so". The daily grind of getting up, looking online, calling people, selling my soul/ myself, sending my CV through, having a follow-up phone interview... It's getting to me.

Everyone reminds me it's only been a month, things take time, I'm getting some interest, at least I get some leisure time... Yes to all of those. But I'm over it. Job hunting is hard at any time, but especially so when you don't have a job to move from. I'm bored and lonely and sick of it all. The only way to stop the cycle is to actually get a job. So I keep looking.

And in the meantime, one of the things keeping me sane - or at least keeping me from complete raving lunacy - is my knitting. Here's a picture of something I'm making at the moment. I'm not telling you what it is, because it's for someone I know reads the blog.

But you'll see the finished object in all its glory soon enough - and in a decent photograph. You'll just have to be patient.

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