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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


WiMax your way to a better you

We come to you from our own legitimate broadband connection courtesy of Irish Broadband. Again, many many thanks to NETGEAR, NETGEAR2 and CHARLES - you're unsecured WiFi connections have kept us connected to the world, and more importantly, the job market!

This is my first uncapped internet connection and I've wasted no time. I can neither confirm nor deny, that right now I am downloading season 1 of certain television show where people have superhuman powers. I'm keen to watch it from the start as I've seen a variety of episodes in completely random order across many countries and have little or no idea what is actually happening.

So far the WiMax connection seems okay. The throughput is good, the latency - if that's what it is - may not be so good, as images on a webpage do not appear as snappily as I'd expect and can actually be quite slow. But, it is much much better that our NTL broadband connection which, after 2.5 attempts, we could not install because a key could not be found to unlock a cabinet in our hallway.

And generally speaking NTL have been pretty crappy by totally failing to think outside the square. They'd happily keep rescheduling the installers to come twice a week, and the installers will quite happily come and do a signal check, and then say they need access to the cabinet but don't have a key, and then leave again. And considering there is only 2 installers in this area, you'd think they could talk to eachother, and me, to work out a solution.

Enough griping. I'll take some more pictures of our apartment soon. Things are coming along nicely.

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Anonymous AM Says:

I don't get the whole 'Heros' thing. I had this debate with someone at work this week. I just don't get the show or its popularity. And anyway, it clashes with 'Men in Trees', one of my 'must-see's'. The other must- see is on tonight. 'Lost'. Brilliance.


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