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And the beat goes on

Another day, another dollar.

I'm still job hunting, knitting, and watching/ listening to low-quality tv.

Over the weekend, I decided that a role I'd previously been interested in was, in fact, not really suitable. It was too focused in a specific direction that wouldn't advance my career, and that could end up pigeonholing me. I was up for a second interview, which was great - but there seemed little point in wasting the agent's, company's, or my time when I wasn't keen any longer.

So this morning I let the agent know. Apparently the company are quite disappointed, because they saw me as a strong candidate, but I have to follow my gut and bow out.

I realise that it sounds contradictory - I'm super-keen to work, but turning down opportunities to get jobs. But at the end of the day, I don't just need a job - I need the right job. There aren't loads and loads of opportunities in my field, and I need to either remain where I am or move forwards (not backwards!) - so the job hunt will probably take some more time.

I am trying to remain positive and motivated, and I'm also trying to remember that as one door closes, another usually opens. I just hope that the door that opens is the right one for me, and soon!

Also over the weekend, we had a chance to speak to some of our family, because it was Mother's Day. David had a quick chat to Grandma & Auntie Mavis, and I called Mum and Grammie in Florida.

Mum had originally planned to leave Florida today, but she's now staying on until the 30th at least. In some ways this is bad news - if Grammie was doing really well I think Mum would be leaving. But in other ways it's great - as Grammie said, they get on "like bread and butter", and I know they are both enjoying spending some time together. It was great to talk to them both.

Meanwhile, in knitting news, I'm making excellent progress on the mystery knitting project. I'm more than 60% done with it, and unless something unexpected (like loads of interviews, please!) happens, I'll finish it this week.

I would have had it finished already, but my plans for weekend knitting were somewhat hampered by activity - a bit of shopping, and a great movie, Michael Collins.

Speaking of which, my advice to you?

- Space bags are awesome, and no storage system is complete without using these.

- Michael Collins is just as brilliant a movie as it was when I first saw it in 1996. It's an excellent
- if incredibly sad - story, very well acted (with the notable exception of Julia Roberts'
appalling "Irish" accent), and it stars the fantastic Liam Neeson. I know a little more about
Irish history than David, but not much. This was a great memory-jogger for me, and a good
intro for him. I'm hoping we'll be able to see more great Irish movies while we're here.

And now I have to go and make lunch for David, who should be home any second.

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Anonymous AM Says:

Liam Neeson you say. Hmm yes, brilliant actor of a rare class. Did I ever tell you that I literally ran into him when living in London? One day in a lunch-time rush on the streets of Soho (Wardour I think), hurriedly running across the road (this is London rat-race-rush-rush, remember) I smack bang into this man. I stop, and look up to apologise, I look up, and up, and up. I never realised how tall Liam Neeson was until that moment. At that point I clicked who it was and rather than stop and gawp and gush how fabulous he was, I embarrassingly mumbled my sorry and took off as fast as my legs would carry me. And it seems some men still have that effect on me, even yet. But that's my little story anyway. AM


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