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A day unlike other days

My weekdays tend to follow a pattern at the moment. I get up and shuffle around so I'm awake and showered by the time David leaves for work; I watch Project Catwalk (a very, very poor imitation of my beloved Project Runway) as I check my email and eat breakfast; then I look for new jobs, calling agents about new roles, with tv shows like Bones playing in the background. I take a break for lunch when David comes home, and then resume my job hunting/ knitting/ tv listening activities until he arrives home at around 6pm.

In between, I manage to do some laundry and other sundry household tasks. Occasionally I pop out to run an errand. But job hunting is my main activity.

For the past two days I've had decidedly atypical days.

On Thursday, everything was all hunky-dory until I called an agent about a role. We arranged a meeting at 11am. It was 10.35 by the time I got off the phone, needing to send my CV in, change into my suit, and get to his office, approximately 20 minutes' walk away.

So I dashed, made it, and had the interview. Afterwards, I was so wiped out that I barely managed anything in the afternoon, save some follow-up phone calls to naughty recruiters, and a spot of vegging. I manage did prep for the interview I had today though, and to iron a shirt for David.

Today, I woke up early for the interview. And felt sick. I thought it must have been nerves, but it didn't feel like nerves - nothing made the nasty feeling go away. I didn't think I'd manage the interview - even the smell of the dishwasher made me want to be sick - but instead, I managed to shower, throw up, dress, and get out of the house in under half an hour.

I caught the DART (train) out to Dun Laoghaire (that's pronounced "done leery", btw), and nearly bailed due to feeling so ill. But I persisted, had the interview, and felt a little brighter, so I decided to stop off at This is Knit, which was a few DART stops along, and on my way home.

I was a bit early, so I grabbed a chai (from the people who do "hand cut" sandwiches, the name begins with B, and it was okay), and took a little tour around Blackrock. Initially it looked like a one-horse town, but then I discovered all the amenities hidden behind the main street. Eventually I made it to This is Knit, and had a long, lovely chat with Lisa and Jacqui, about everything and nothing.

(One of the best bits about Ireland for me so far? People seem genuinely interested in what you're doing, how you are, etc. Maybe I'm just lucky, or maybe I'm naive - but it is a lovely way to feel when you're otherwise a bit isolated.)

After a long visit, I took my sock yarn and knitting book and trudged back to the DART - in the cold, driving rain. The morning's warmth and sunny skies had truly dissipated, and I felt quite sad about that. Even sadder when I had to walk from the station in the city to our old apartment to collect mail - and then back to our new place.

After a little job-hunting, I finally managed to eat my first solid food of the day: rice crackers with peanut butter. I have a task to complete by Tuesday for a job interview - but I'm a little pooped. Instead, I think I'll sit back and enjoy some low-quality television, and hope that David will be up for cooking dinner.

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Anonymous AM Says:

Are there any knitting groups or even book clubs you could join in the interim, to help alleviate potential isolation?


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