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Warm all over

Luckily it was cold enough tonight for Laura to turn on the central heating. This was completely independently of me wanting to turn it on just to play with it.

How fantastic that we can heat our whole apartment with the press of a button? A very small and inconveniently located button buried in the hot-water cabinet.

Actually, "hot-water cabinet" does not adequately describe this cupboard. It is chock full of machinery and equipment. Given a sufficient supply of uranium I am certain I could build a pretty sophisticated nuclear reactor in there. There's boilers. There's pumps. There's stopcocks, temperature probes, cut-off valves, regulators, thermostats and timers. It even needs a diagram, stuck to the back of the door, to explain it.

But even with the diagram, I have no concrete picture about what is happening. The complication is that, according to a pamphlet from the gas board, our apartment complex has some kind of power plant which generates... I guess heat... which saves lots of greenhouse gas emissions and makes it all very energy efficient (I'm sure this completely negated by the fact we have NO recycling AT ALL!!!). So I would have thought that if we have this power plant, then we'd get a supply of hot water to use for water and heating. But if we did, we wouldn't need a boiler, with an expansion cylinder and all manner of other equipment for heating. And we wouldn't need a timer which controls when our hot water is heated.

So I'm quite confused and it's driving me a bit mad, because I have a need to know how things work. Brent?

But it is great that we can hit the "+1 hour" button for the central heating and it comes to life. Hot water surges through our radiators and the whole apartment becomes warm. And then it switches off, and the radiators keep radiating. For free like (needs to be said with Dublin accent).


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Anonymous AM Says:

An absolute delight and necessity in the northern winter, but can be bloody noisy too with the pipes gurgling away at night. Ah you are making me nostalgic. I could certainly do with some central heating at work and at home right now. It's getting cold, and yes I'm soft.

Blogger david Says:

There is no noise. There is no gurgling. There's only a soft hum from The Cupboard. You should see inside The Cupboard. I'm pretty sure it uses alien technology.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:


Your asking someone who lives in Malaysia about heating? You must be desperate.

Electric heat is efficient, but getting electricity down the lines to your house is not. Even a half assed heating system in your apartment is likely to be more efficient. Actually though, not getting hot water from it is a good sign that is might be relatively efficient.. perhaps not entirely convenient though.

My suggestions:
1. An elabourate system of string and pulleys so you can push the button from the outside.
2. An X10 remote and relay. You KNOW you want one.


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