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Tools of the trade

At the moment, the tools of my trades are: laptop, cellphone, mop, bucket, sponge, vacuum cleaner, various cleaning products, knitting needles, and wool.

My occupations?

Well, first and foremost I'm a job-hunter. So the laptop and cellphone are essential.

As the housewife, and person with the most free time, I've been cleaning our (formerly fairly filthy) new apartment, hence all the cleaning supplies.

And as a knitter - but also to escape the monotony of job hunting and cleaning - I've been knitting for at least an hour every day.

So far, I've had mixed results. As a job hunter, well, I've interviewed a bit, and have a couple more interviews scheduled, plus a few roles I'm waiting to hear feedback on. It's frustrating, but I'm persisting. I can't wait to have a job and not have to sell myself for a few days.

As a housewife I've also had mixed results. Yesterday my feet were black with dust and dirt by 11AM. After a lot of vacuuming and mopping, I thought I'd be fine today, so I wore pretty pale pink socks. The result? Dingy grey soles.

But we now have clean cupboards, and our stuff in them. I'm slowly re-organising the storage so we can fit all our stuff in. And tonight we'll cook some dinner. Ok, so it will be nachos, but it's still cooking!

As a knitter I'm doing quite well so far. On the weekend, David took us on a trip to Blackrock. He was keen to go on the DART, and for some strange reason, keen to visit This Is Knit. Blackrock was okay, but This Is Knit was lovely, and we got enough loot to keep me going for a little while.

What did I buy? Well, sock yarn and swish Clover bamboo dpns (double-pointed needles, ideal for knitting a sock, if you're a non-knitter). And some yarn for a secret-squirrel project that I can't blog about, because the recipient is a reader.

So this week I've concentrated on knitting my first sock, which, once you read the pattern, really is a doddle. If I'd been smart I might have suggested knitting myself socks first, since David has hugenormous feet, but since he's my yarn enabler, I figure he deserves them.

In fact, he's been so intrigued by the dpns that he's expressed an idle interest in learning how to knit a sock himself...

So the afternoons have passed fairly pleasantly: tv on in the background as I clean/ type/ knit. It's so warm here that I have to have the balcony door open during the day or I swelter... As far as unemployment goes, this isn't too bad.

(I'm not softening, I still want a great job, and now! But if I have to wait, at least I can wait somewhere lovely.)

Anyway, my question for you is: What are the tools of your trade? Use the comments to tell me.

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Blogger david Says:

Currently, a white board and lots of pieces of paper.

Blogger Violet Says:

I didn't know it would be take that long to get a job in Dublin. Is it because it's become a "cool" place to be, and now there's more competition for jobs? You seem to be enjoying yourself though, so you may as well take advantage of all the leisure time.

Blogger Laura Says:

Hi Violet! There aren't that many jobs - more than in Auckland, but not loads. Added to that, I don't have local experience - or any in financial services, which is big here. So there are some roles, but it's mainly the slow pace that is frustrating. It is VERY slow!


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