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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


I cracked

What's that? Why, that's a ball of yarn sitting in our freezer, which will hopefully help to stop it shedding like crazy.

A ball of yarn? Well, yes. A ball of yarn. That I bought. This afternoon.


You see, I had all these good intentions - I was going to wait to buy any yarn until at least one of us had a job.

But then I got an email from Sara - aka Tangelled Angel - inviting me to come to Stitch and Bitch in the city this weekend. It's a great opportunity to meet people - knitters, which is even better, but also actual people, not just recruitment consultants (yes, you're people too, but I want a job more than I want your friendship.).

But you don't turn up without knitting - that would be bad. And by this stage, I'd seen a recruiter who actually seemed to think I was a decent candidate, and who had a few ideas about how to find me a good job. Plus David had one offer on the table, and expected a couple more shortly.

So we popped in to Dublin Woollen Mills, because it was on our way home, and Sara's description guaranteed a small selection, which meant quick decisions (David had yet another interview scheduled). I looked around. Man, there was a LOT of acrylic there. David looked sceptical, and worried that I might finally lose the plot and cry (the job hunt has been very hard work).

But in a small cabinet under the buttons, just where Sara said it would be, was a small selection of Rowan.

Keeping our non-income, and my lack of knitting patterns in mind (really looking forward to getting my knitting books delivered), I was very sensible, and bought only one thing: a ball of bright purple Kid Silk Haze.

Not usually my colour, and with the crazy fluffiness of this particular ball, not ideal. But I have a plan.

Sachiko, who is my older brother's mother-in-law (that's Reiko's mum, if you're in the know) wasn't able to attend our wedding due to ill health. But she sent a very (very, very) generous cheque. And when I talked to Mark & Reiko about it, I said I'd like to send her a small gift back.

Now, giving gifts to Japanese people is dangerous, because it starts a process that never ends. But in his infinite wisdom, Mark suggested that a hand-knit scarf would be a good idea, because Sachiko had so admired the scarf I'd given Reiko for Christmas.

So if I want to get technical about it, the scarf will really be a continuation of our wedding thank-you notes (which, by the way, you should receive shortly). It was a necessary expense.

Frankly, as long as it keeps me from complaining about my slow and painful jobhunt, I think David doesn't really care what I d0!

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hi Laura,

Glad to see you will be meeting other like-minded knitting people! And what a lovely excuse to buy more yarn - how will you do the scarf?
I have just cast-on for Bianca but may do it beadless - we'll see how it looks.
Josephine Keith in Auckland


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