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On our outing today (I'm slowly recovering, and with a recruiter-interview tomorrow, I figured I should see how much energy I have) I realised there were a few important things I'd neglected to consider when compiling our list of criteria for our location of choice.

For example, hills. I really, really dislike hills. The - admittedly small, but steep and somehow incredibly wicked - hill between our Auckland apartment and my office almost did me in every day. Steep both ways, it induced a near-heart attack on the way up, and a near-tumble on the way down. I avoided it wherever possible, cutting through the small park and ducking under the trees if I was headed into town. And on the few days when I had to walk up or down the hill more than once each way, I was not a happy camper.

Anyway, from what little I've seen of Dublin city centre, it's flat. Bless.

We didn't consider sunshine hours, either. I like the sun, but I don't like its effect on my skin. So far, Dublin has been fairly sunny - but a weak, Northern Hemisphere-style sun, so I don't risk getting burnt. Well, I won't once I finish up my course of doxycycline.

The one thing we didn't consider that isn't working out so far is hardly cause for major concern, but it's a nuisance to me nonetheless. Apart from the ubiquitous Starbucks, no one seems to drink or sell chai.

As a non tea- and coffee-drinker, chai's my hot drink of choice. Okay, chamomile tea if I don't want the caffeine, but when other people crave their morning coffee, I crave chai.

It's widely available in Auckland - sometimes you can even choose between the sweet (read: disgusting) or spicy (read: delicious Phoenix brand) versions. Nothing used to make me happier than a large soy chai from the cafe on campus - well, until the coffee guy tried to impress us with his homophobic comments, and I stopped going there... But you catch my drift.

So I've googled a little. Bewley's Cafe has chai, and someplace called Lemon Jelly does too. But 99.999% of cafes don't.

So that was rather poorly planned, wasn't it?

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Anonymous Sara Says:

Yes its a pity about the lack of Chai tea here. Im only a fairly recent lover of it myself. Lemon is a nice place to go to anyway if you like crepes- they do the best ones around. there is one on South William Street (I think it that st anyway) which is just off Grafton St, there is also one on Dawson St, which is the other side of Grafton St, going towards Trinity College. Good luck!

Anonymous Teaandcakes Says:

Fellow Chai lover here too. Lemon Jelly and Lemon are actually two different cafes.

Lemon Jelly is in Temple bar, near the Clarence, and is quite nice.

Lemon is where Sara said, and is fantatsic for crepes, but I don't think they have chai.

There's another pancake place in the "Italian Quarter" on the north of the Liffey that's great too - I think that's called Lemon jelly or Lemon too, just to confuse things.


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