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I may have a cold, but it hasn't stopped me from getting legal!

Yesterday we trotted down to the local Garda station to sort my immgration status out. We were early; there were no queues - perfect!

The immigration office was closed for the day.

So we went back this morning, and I got a lovely card that shows I'm allowed to re-enter Ireland as often as I like. The photo is like a mugshot: were I a celebrity, The Smoking Gun or a gossip site would be all over it. But because I'm not, it's just a really, really bad photo, which is less embarrassing.

We're still not 100% legal for work just yet - we need to get social security numbers. We made the mistake of trying to get them yesterday, only to be told that you need proof of address, like a bill, which we don't have since everything is provided here and our phones are pre-paid. We only tried to get the social security numbers because the man at the bank said we needed proof of address like a social security number card...even though you need proof of address to get that in the first place... It all seems a bit circular, so David bought some contents insurance online, and we're hoping that the policy with our names etc on it will be sufficient for someone to give us some sort of documentation so we can get the other bit.

Here's hoping.

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