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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Status update

As of last night, my lurgy is officially upgraded from a cold to the flu.

I won't go into the details, because they're yucky enough to experience once, let alone re-live through blogging. Suffice to say, I remember feeling worse than this (campylobacter - both times, my allergic reaction to the wisdom teeth painkillers, and my even nastier reaction to the Floridian antibiotics for suspected bronchitis) - but never at a time when I wasn't under medical care.

David says this is the first flu I've had since we've been together - so in 6 1/2 years. My immune system must be doing ok - maybe all those smelly, dirty brothers were useful after all!

Speaking of brothers and family and suchlike, today and Monday are big days, and we're thinking of you.

Today, Joan (my mother-in-law) and our very good friend Katie (my bridesmaid) are celebrating their birthdays. Plus, Colin & Monique (David's uncle and now aunt) are getting married. Congratulations to all of you! Send photos!

On Monday, Brent (my youngest brother and bridesman) is turning 25. Happy birthday Pinky B! I haven't sent you a cheesecake this year, but we love you loads.

In fact, we haven't sent anyone anything, apart from wedding thank you notes... Whoops. I blame the flu!

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Blogger Morgan Says:

If you didn't pass out while throwing up, only to come too covered with well chewed bacon, bits of egg and blood red (tomato sauce, you see) vomit, then I'm not impressed.

However, having a cold all last week (including while moving house) I am completely sympathetic.

Being sick SUCKS!


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