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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding



I was reading Wikipedia's excellent article on Hiberno-English, the technical name for Irish English. A small excerpt here:
There are many terms for having consumed a drop too much drink, many are used elsewhere, but the Irish tendency is to attempt to find the most descriptive adjective yet on each occasion. Some examples: "loaded", "blocked", "twisted", "full" (common in Ulster), "spannered", "scuttered", "stocious/stotious", "baloobas" (common in Cavan), "locked", "langered", "mouldy" (pron. mowldy as in "fowl"), "polluted", "flootered", "plastered", "bolloxed", "well out of it", "wankered", "fucked", "fuckered", "ossified", "binned", "rat-arsed" , "plastered", "gee-eyed", "demented" "flahed drunk" "langers altogether" "in shit drunk" (common in Cork), "buckled", "steaming"( common in Donegal), "messy", "sloppy", "cabbaged" , "wasted", "paralytic/palatic", "full as a boot", "full up", "full as the bingo bus" (common in Louth), "legless", "hammered" , "blootered", "squooshed", "banjoed", "mullered", "bingoed", "mangled", "ruined", "half-tore", "oiled", "jarred" (not too drunk, "I'm not drunk, I'm just a bit jarred!"), "in the horrors"(common in Waterford), "stoned" (Dundalk only), "I'm off my tits", "pissed", "sozzled", "blottoed", "diageod" (in reference to the drinks company), "trolleyed", "sloshed", "rote", "rote off" "pissed", "steamed" (common in Mayo) (Phrases in italics are more "colourful")



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Anonymous Katie Says:

I think "cabbaged" is my favourite. "Let's get cabbaged!"


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