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Postcards from Dublin #2 - Fear and Loathing in Dublin

We're in limbo at the moment. While there have been successes (Laura's ID card, and a bank account on the way thanks to the clever trick with getting online contents insurance as a means of proof of address), there have also been disappointments.

I think my job hunt is going okay, but it's slower than I would have liked - no interviews with companies yet (my dry-cleaned suit hangs waiting...) but several promising roles with big name corporates on offer from agencies. I've never liked recruitment agencies, and they are the same beast here that they were in NZ, but with no other connections I have to rely on them. Also, the daily rate offered so far is a bit less than I what I would have expected. And I suppose that generally I am having a hard time getting motivated about working after such a long and varied break (it was three months last week).

We always knew finding a good job for Laura would be harder, but I've been surprised at the number of roles on offer. They are also not paying as much as we'd like. But we have to keep in mind we're moving to a different country, a different currency, and with Laura - to a more commercial role. Also Laura has a cold and is feeling miserable - so she is in bed. And I'm not exactly full 'o energy either.

And my 1GB RAM chip blew up in my laptop. So I had to steal memory from Laura's. I know it's a small thing...

On the up side, we (being Laura) started looking at apartments yesterday - and we even went to see one. For €1200/month you can get a decent apartment. For €1500/month you can get a pretty fab apartment (for some reason there is downwards pressure on rents at the moment, even though demand is high). That means we can lead a the sort of life style we're used to (i.e. no flatmates!) without breaking the bank. I think that may be one of the boons of living here vs. London. (Yes I am always comparing...)

If you've read this far, we'd love to know you're reading our blog. Please comment or email us and remind us that we do have friends - just not here! (yet!).

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Blogger Violet Says:


Blogger Laura Says:

Hi Violet - good to "see" you!

Blogger The Editter Says:

Hello! I'm here too ;)

Blogger Laura Says:

Hi Editter - good to see you too!

Anonymous Sara Says:

hey there. Welcome to Dublin!
Laura, if you are feeling up to it, there is a stitch and bitch group meeting in Dublin town on Saturday. I will email you about it as you have just left a comment on my blog.Bring David, we would love to have some boys come visit us!!


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