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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Moan and whinge

I'm siiiiiiick.

How sick? Quite sick, as it happens.

Sick enough to reschedule an appointment with a recruiter, because after a nauseous night of not-sleep, I'm exhausted as well as sick.

Sick enough to not want to make the 40-step trip to the living area where the tv is, because it's comfy in bed and the light out there is so bright it makes my head hurt (more).

Sick enough to have plain toast for breakfast.

Too sick to read my only unread book, because it requires concentration that I can't muster. Too sick to mend my beloved vintage denim jacket, whose seams are rapidly disappearing as the thread crumbles into nothing - even though I wear it almost every day. Too sick to go yarn-shopping so I can knit something (anything!) to keep myself occupied - and let's be honest, too sick to search the Interweb for a pattern to knit up.

I miss health, our apartment in Auckland, TV in the bedroom with lots of channels, lots of easy-read books, and knitting.

I'm over it. Would the good-health fairy please make a house-call?

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Anonymous Katie Says:

Aww, you poor thing. Should we send you some Marmite and Vogel's? We miss you!

Blogger Laura Says:

I'll pass on the Marmite thanks (shudder) but I could do with a pic of Emma!


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