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Already thinking of that next holiday

I like flying and one of the boons of being here, surely, is the low cost flights to Europe. EasyJet, of the "Airline" TV show fame, doesn't fly out of Dublin but Ryanair does. Headquatered in Dublin, I'd never heard of Ryanair, but it's one of Europe's biggest, cheapest, most controversial and most disliked airlines.

Just check out this great site and read the stories of woe. I especially liked this one:

We won [a free flight from] Stansted to Perpignan. Took over one & a quarter hours to check in. Most passengers were unaware of Ryanair baggage scams - 15kg limit, charge for each item of checked baggage, and most scammy of all being prevented from combining baggage allowance of more than one person into one bag. Lots of arguments at check in causing big delays. Worse still was the fiasco on the return trip. Almost every passenger bought a £2 priority boarding pass. Everyone wanted to be first on the plane. Result was ugly carnage - crushed kids, trampled elderly folk, only the strong survived.

(When is a priority pass not a priority pass...) I still have every intention of using them. I haven't discussed this with Laura yet.

Another good site that has ranked airlines based on customer feedback. The only 5-stars are Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Cathy Pacific.



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