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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Two good reasons to doubt the efficacy of airport security

Reason 1
A 188ml bottle of moisturiser that David took from Dublin to Stansted in his carry-on luggage last Friday night.

Reason 2
An 80cm-long metal circular needle, 1.75mm in diameter, that I forgot was in my carry-on until just before it was x-rayed in Heathrow.

The moisturiser? Fine. I mean, really, big deal.

But the needles? Long-ish. Sharp. METAL. Potentially quite dangerous. You could do some serious damage with these. (Or surgery, but I'm more concerned about potential harm.)

I'd bought them at Liberty's (ah, Liberty's, newest love of my life!). I forgot they were in my bag. Then I saw, I gasped, I commented nervously to David as I covered it with my knit wrap - as if that would somehow hide it from the x-ray... And then I felt concerned as it came through just fine.

I wanted to tell someone. Very badly. It is a surely a breach of security, no?

But I also wanted to fly home safely to Dublin with my new needles, so I kept my mouth shut. Please consider this my "telling someone".

(Oh, and London and the conference and all? Good, thanks. Seeing a friend I hadn't seen in years - awesome - hi Geraldine!)

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Anonymous diane Says:

glad you and the needles made it home safe...


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