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A scheduled blogging hiatus

So it's not like you really expect me to blog a lot, but I thought I ought to mention the scheduled hiatus I'm about to take.

On Tuesday I fly out to London to go to a cool conference and hopefully meet up with a schoolmate or two. I'll be staying on for Friday, hopefully for an interesting meeting... And then David will join me for a weekend of fun and mooching, perhaps even a cup of tea with the queen.

(He's very keen to see her. Me, not so much, but who am I to argue??)

I'd blog more beforehand, but I'm snowed under with work deadlines, and the company president is coming to visit, so I have to be on my best behaviour. Oh, and I just got my invitation to Ravelry!!!

(Gloat, gloat. I've been waiting for ages, but now I will finally be able to see what everyone's going on about.)

Oh, and I have a million knitting projects for small people - mostly ones who aren't yet with us. There is no Christmas knitting here, but a few birthday (often literally "birth day") items to keep me very, very busy.

So I'll be here, but not. I'm sure David will keep you entertained in the interim,

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Anonymous diane Says:

hey Laura, no blogging for me for at least a few days...I've been on Ravelry!


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