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I began a lovely pair of socks for myself recently.

And as I prepared to turn the heel (they were toe-up), I found I was short a stitch. There were no dropped stitches, I was just short one. So I frogged it all, chalking it up to my first time doing a provisional cast-on and toe-up sock, and started again.

I paid attention, I followed instructions (for once), I did everything that was asked of me (again, fairly uncommon).

I'm still one damn stitch short. How?

Best answer wins eternal adoration as my knitting goddess.


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Blogger Lien Says:

It could be a mistake in the pattern.
At any rate, if you haven't dropped any stitches, and the lace looks correct, I'd just make one stitch to bring you up to the required number.

You could always rip back to the last lace repeat, count to make sure you've got all the stitches you're supposed to, and then count each row as you finish to see where you may have made the mistake. But why? Just make one and get on with it.

Anonymous Sara Says:

eh, maybe the stitch monster came and sneaked it off your needle when you weren't looking?
I'd say its the pattern.
You could also have knit it together with another one by accident?
best thing is to create another one, save you the trouble of ripping it back again, and who's going to know eh??Apart from me that is..


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