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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


In jolly old England

Safely installed at my hotel, using the 10-quid-a-day interweb to do some work...

Initial impressions:
- My work are nice for sending me away.
- Heathrow is lovely when it's quiet, but I would've liked a passport stamp.
- Kensington is mostly swanky.
- My hotel (too tired to look for the link) is swanky too. The room is a decent size, and is swishy with Aveda toiletries.
- The room service is fast and decent.
- The TV keeps cutting out, which is annoying. But really, I should be sleeping.
- 10 quid for 24 hours' interweb access in my room is a bit of a gyp. Free broadband in a public area on a different floor doesn't cut it.
- I wish Lili was with me.

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