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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Flashing (but safe for work)

Diane, who runs the Dublin Knit Collective, has asked knitters to flash their yarn stashes.

I have very little shame, so here's mine. And because it's been fashion week somewhere for the past week or so (New York last week, NZ this week, and I'm sure lots of other places where I've paid no attention), I'm giving them to you as collections.

The "venue"? Lovely Laura Ashley boxes hold my stash (with a ball of KidSilk Haze to give you an idea of how small they really are) - a birthday present from David.

Then the stash proper. May I present:
KidSilk Haze (or Similar) collection
Laceweight and Mothproof collection:
Being Used on my Current Project Collection
Yarn of Indeterminate Fibres collection
Sock Yarn collection
Random Slightly Scratchy Stuff collection
Wool & Cotton Blend collection

Too Much Bamboo (Maybe) collection
The Yarn for a Specific Project collection

Unmatched Cotton collection
8-ply Cotton collection
4-ply Cotton collection
Oddments collection

The link above gives you the Flickr set with all the (incredibly witty) commentary. If you can't be arsed reading it, and just want yarn porn, here's the slideshow.

And if you are interested, here's where you can find the culprit behind my expression, doing a Lien.

And that's my stash done! Looking forward to seeing everyone else's, and proving to David once and for all that I really don't own that much yarn after all.

(So please, someone else hurry up and post theirs!)

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Blogger Ger Says:

Hi Laura, I took your good example and 'flashed my stash' also. Unfortunately mine is not stored in beautiful boxes like yours and I realise the colours of mine are not as strong, but I really don't know how I'll get through it all.

Blogger Lien Says:

It's not my fault! Yarn's expensive, and how am I supposed to predict what I want to do with a particular yarn, huh? Yes, okay, no one on earth has ever been able to do anything useful with exactly 3 balls of bamboo, but I still plead innocent.


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