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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Economics with Laura: Lesson 1

Discounts; or, "It's almost free"

If an item is half price or less, it is "almost free".

If an item is 40% off or more, it is "almost almost free".

You can safely buy a few more items that you would normally buy when they are almost free, or almost almost free.

In related yet unrelated matters, food and beverages given away freely at a conference are truly free. (Even more so if you aren't personally paying the registration fee.)

If they are non-perishable, like, say, a bottle of diet Coke, it is ok to take said item with the intent to consume it... and then to not consume it that day, but at a later date. Especially if you have to get up very early to go to Swindon the next day, since caffeine keeps you awake.

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Anonymous diane Says:

hey Laura,
you convinced me at the last City Centre SnB when you rationalised that the kidsilk haze at 6 euro a ball was almost free!!

Blogger Lien Says:

How're you enjoying Swindon? I wasn't gobsmacked by it myself.

Anonymous Worsted Knitt Says:

I like your logic, girl! And, of course got some kidsilk myself too...


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