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Dublin chai review: Lemon Jelly

I had to get up and have a shower very early today, because the water was scheduled to be turned off at 8AM. Usually I would consider having a shower the night before and sleeping in - but I have a haircut scheduled today, and I hate turning up with dirty-ish hair to meet a new hairdresser because it seems rude. Plus, if my hair's clean, he'll get a better idea of how it really behaves.

Anyhow, so I was up and showered and dressed a couple hours earlier than usual, so David decided he'd take me up on the offer of a chai and walk before he went to work.

Lemon Jelly
We each ordered a chai - no sizes, but equivalent to a Starbucks tall again. The smell is a bit tea-y, which is not entirely pleasant because I don't like tea.

The drink itself is quite pleasant - a lot like a Starbucks chai (which I will review one of these days, but probably only once I'm employed, because they're quite expensive here), but thinner somehow. Quite similar to a tall one made with skim milk. But lacking the creamy foaminess on top; while I abhor an excess of foam, this chai could have done with a bit more.

However, there are differences: a very slight tea-y aftertaste (which I only noticed after really smelling the chai), and slightly less sweetness and caffeine. Well, I think less caffeine. I'll wait and see.

Presentation was ok: a plain white take-out cup with a plain brown sleeve. There was no cinnamon on top, which would have been a delicious addition. The menu price was E2.95, but we ended up paying E2.55 each for take-away, which is a decent price.

Lemon Jelly (which, incidentally, is no longer at its old location almost downstairs from our apartment, which is a shame) looked fairly clean and pleasant. I've never seen it empty (even at 8.30AM it had a good amount of custom), so it must be good. There were loads of pre-packaged muffins, but people also appeared to be eating fresh, cooked breakfasts. I didn't see anything with lemon jelly in it, which would have been clever and delicious. But then, I love lemon jelly.

Overall? Lemon Jelly is obviously popular, and I can understand why. Its moderately convenient location on Essex St East makes it close enough to Temple Bar, but far enough away from the really busy and touristy parts. This isn't my favourite chai, but it's pretty good. If you like the Starbucks variety, this is a similar - and cheaper - option. I'll drink it again.

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Blogger Violet Says:

But...chai IS tea! Albeit a bastardised version of it, in Starbucks' case...


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