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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Reality check

Our move has been exciting and exhilarating - and occasionally terrifying, let's be honest. But now we're finally here: it's happened, we're here, and life starts again.

The bubble that mostly surrounded us on our (wonderful, amazing) honeymoon hasn't exactly burst... we're just slowly but surely re-entering the real world: going to the supermarket, doing dishes, that kind of thing.

For me, the real world began again yesterday afternoon, when I read an email from my uncle in Chicago. Except he wasn't in Chicago, he was in Naples, Florida, with my maternal grandmother, who is very, very unwell.

I haven't seen Grammie for almost two years, and I know that by the time you get into your nineties (she turned 95 on Boxing Day) you inevitably have a health problem or two. Yet I still cling to the image I have of her from our visit. Admittedly it was a very brief visit, due to my nasty chest infection (and even nastier antibiotics), but apart from a different hair colour, she was still the same Grammie I remembered from my childhood.

Well, as it turns out, Grammie's aorta is shot, and she's too high risk for surgery, so she's stuck with it.

For awhile David and I have been idly discussing a visit to Naples in February, to coincide with the annual pilgrimage from the Chicago clan. Now, we're talking about a visit much sooner.

Meanwhile, life here goes on. Laundry has to be done - and when the washing machine breaks and the door won't open, so half your clothes are trapped inside, with no hope of recovery till Monday at least, clean socks have to be bought.

Jobs have to be found, and we've started looking. After I register with the Garda on Tuesday, I'll be busy with the final edit of my CV - and hopefully making some appointments with recruiters.

We've also managed to get new mobile phone numbers. I won't post mine here - but if you'd like to know and I left you out on the email, leave a comment and I'll be in touch. We'll still keep and periodically check our old numbers for awhile though, just in case.

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