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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Coffee & Pizza

We made an important discovery this morning. On Georges St we found a coffee joint called The Bald Barista. The barista himself (who is bald) is from NZ (Chch) and he's been here for 3.5 years. He says he's Ireland's #1 "training barista" (?) and he's trying to re-educate the Irish coffee palate. I think he needs to too, because 80% of the coffee I have here is burnt / over-extracted (which is always such a disappointment.)

Then he offered to make me a flat white! Ah - the taste of home! Good strong coffee, and milk, in just the right antipodean proportions. My mouth ran dry, I worked hard all morning, and by lunch I was just slightly dizzy. Just how I like it.

Also, I found this on the NZ Herald tonight. To the Americans out there: explain yourselves, please?

Pizza lockdown confuses tourist

Housekeeping staff at the Hermitage Hotel in Mount Cook were called to help an American guest who complained she could not get her pizza out of the microwave.

It turned out she had in fact put the pizza in the safe in her room and activated the lock.



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Anonymous diane Says:

Hi David, thanx for the coffee tip, a good cuppa is very hard to find. can you pinpoint the exact location of the bald barista?

Blogger econgirl Says:

This place is fantastic, I discovered it about 2 months ago and love it. Such a refreshing change from the coffee chain rubbish you usually get (with the exception of the Rhubarb cafe on merrion st which is fab!) Great quality coffee at good prices and of course, the excitement of being served by the Bald barista himself :)


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