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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Toughin' it out

Life it hard for us at the moment. It's just one European destination after the other. The schedule is punishing.

We've just booked our hotels Tuscany! One night in Pisa, 3 nights in Siena and 3 nights in Florence! The hotel in Florence looks really cool - it:

...dates back to the 1500’s. During the French domination of Italy it was occupied by an important French dignitary who threw extravagant parties, entertaining guests that included sovereigns from other countries. In the middle of the seventeenth century it was bought by the family of the present owner and used as their own personal residence. In time it was known as an extremely prestigious antique gallery around Europe and is now a luxurious and welcoming all-suite Palace in the center of Florence.


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Do you guys ever get any work done :oP hehe..


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