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Cinnamon patrol

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DIY Laksa

The Asian food in Dublin is in a pretty miserable state, at least compared to Auckland. I'd give my left foot for a Food Alley-style food court, but alas.

Ever since watching a cooking show where a girl made her own laksa, I've had it on my mind so last night and today I went and bought all the ingredients: noodles, laksa paste, fish balls, tofu puffs, coriander, fish sauce, fresh prawns (scary), peanut oil, chillies, bean sprouts - I think that's it.

The prawns were a right hassle as I tired to de-vein them but in the end it turned out pretty good! I'd give it a 7/10 and where a good Food Alley laksa is a 9.

The proof:

Photo A - Cooked noodles, fish balls and tofu puffs

Photo B - As above with pan-fried prawns

Photo C - Laksa paste, stock, corriander all bubbling away

Photo D - As above with the additionment of coconut milk

Photo E - All assembled!

Photo F - .. and garnished

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Blogger Lien Says:

The Asian food in Dublin is alright, but there's not much choice. There's a great Korean place on Parnell St called The Hop House, and there is one Vietnamese place in Temple Bar behind the Central Bank.

That laksa looks awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I totally agree with you...it is very difficult to find a good Asian cuisine in Dublin...I am craving for authentic Dim Sum.



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