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It's been ages since I've blogged properly, and I'm not convinced that this post will stem the tide. People, there is SO MUCH to do!

I'm diligently working away at various baby-related items, none of which I can show you here, because the recipients may know of our blog. There are two cute-as-can-be sweaters to send off - one to a new arrival, and one to a baby that, thankfully, has not chosen to appear just yet. The other project I really can't talk about, but Mark & Reiko will be very pleased when they receive it. I hope!

In addition to the baby stuff, I've been working on some socks. I've got part of a pair done for David, because his other hand-knit socks are in a terrible state. And I kind of started a pair for myself, because... well, I just did. Everyone else has Jaywalkers, and I wanted some too. I'm still not in love with the pattern, but it is growing on me a bit, and it kind of looks ok with the yarn I'm using. Maybe.

It's been so freaking freezing everywhere - including work - that I bought some yarn to make fingerless gloves/armwarmers. They're just having the ends sewn in - a very quick knit in approx 2 evenings' worth of effort - thank goodness, because it is COLD, people!

Even as I contemplate all the knitting work I have to do, I start to feel guilty about everything else I haven't done. Christmas cards, tidying up my very messy workspace, catching up on other people's blogs, attending to Facebook... And the usual cooking/eating well/getting exercise, plus making the most of Dublin & its surrounds. I won't even get started on work, which is mad.

And I haven't even commented on pretty much anywhere we've travelled to this year, which is a bit useless of me.

It's tempting to stay overwhelmed and just kind of give in to it all. But I do like a bit of order in my life, and my casual filing system (piles) is starting to make even me a bit grumpy. This afternoon, I *will* do some chores, even if only so I can relax and be lazy tomorrow. There may even be blog postings and photos involved - stay tuned...



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