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A bike ride in Pheonix Park

Today I left to go bike ridding in Pheonix Park. The largest city park in Europe, some say the world.

As I write this, I should be coming to the end of my enjoyable 1 hour bike ride however, the truth, the shocking truth, is that I never left the carpark.

Our section of the carpark is sealed off by an electronic barrier which proved remarkably resistant to my attempts to open it -- it was working fine this morning when we set off for a much less healthy type of exercise. I wasn't too put off, there are intercoms and buzzers galore down there so I just needed to alert someone.

I tried 4 separate intercoms which I knew to be connected to two different concierge desks. But there was no answer. The reader can be assured I pressed them repeatedly. So I then had to repark the car and catch the lift up to see the concierge. He was idly reading the newspaper when I told him about my problem in a somewhat strained tone of voice. He said someone would be down to let me out and I heard him talk to someone on his radio.

So I went back down, and to make the rest of the story short - I waited for quite a while, no one came. I went upstairs to get the other electronic key to try, waved it past the the sensor as I walked by and the barrier opened! - so I got back in the car and drove around to the barrier but it was broken again - so I tried rebuzzing, no one answered.

So I had the idea of driving out the in-entrance. But there are reasons why I couldn't do that without help. So I had the idea of driving over these plastic separators between the carparks which, if successful, would leave me on the other side of the barrier. I proceeded cautiously, then chickened out and reversed... catching the side of the plastic bumper insert and pulling it nearly clean off the car.

Then, suddenly, I know longer felt like going for a bike ride.

I have composed an email to the building manager for his elucidation - and I've included a list of other stuff that's been bugging us too. And I've employed the "CC it to your boss" trick by CC'ing to our landlord. Laura says I shouldn't send it until I've calmed down.



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