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The roots man

I'm on a bit of a genealogy buzz at the moment.

On Saturday (very early) we are off to Vienna. Somehow I've tracked down a man who is the chairman of a "society for commemoration of the expelled and murdered Austrian Jews" called Lead Niskor. He is based in the town of Laa an der Thaya which is near Mistelbach.

He is pretty much an expert on the Jewish families that used to live in the area. He is going to meet us and take us to the cemetary in Mistelbach where we can visit my great great grandparent's graves. He's also told me about the graves of my step-great grandfather's family - actually he is very good friends with a man who is related to that part of my family. In terms of finding a personal connection to someone living in the area, I hit the jackpot (sadly there is only one Jewish family living in that area now, and they are on holiday!).

So I've been building up a family tree of that part of the family on Geni and I was just about to finish up for the night when I discovered an "ancestors" page that listed all my direct ancestors. In order. So that's how I discovered a man who went by the name Itchke Nurick, and his wife Lea Nurick. They are my great great great great great (that's 5 greats!) grandparents.

I kid you not.

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Anonymous crokka Says:

the roots!

"Yo, in the land of the unseen hand, and hold trouble
Theorize your game, it's difficult to roll a double
The struggle ain't right up in your face, it's more subtle
But it's still comin' across like the bridge and tunnel vision"
-Black Thought


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