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Although we'd intended to spend last weekend tidying and getting ready for our friend Anthea's visit, we ended up going to the Electric Picnic instead.

If you haven't heard of it before (and I hadn't, so there's no shame here), it's kind of like the Irish Glastonbury - minus Kate Moss, thank goodness.

The main activities on our agenda were music, eating and knitting.

The music bit is fairly obvious - it's a festival, after all. We saw a bunch of acts and they were great. I won't say any more because that's David's area of expertise, but I was hugely surprised by how much fun I had at the gigs we went to.

The eating - and drinking - aspect is pretty obvious if you know us - after all, I'm the one who says a country is "delicious". And delicious it was - loads of great stuff, including the best chai I've had since leaving NZ.

The knitting part - well, that's how we got the tickets. Yes, knitting! The Dublin SnBers were teaching festival-goers to knit, and thanks to a last-minute drop-out, there were and 2 FREE STAFF PASSES!!! available.

It was interesting to teach people to knit - so many Irish people remembered it from primary school... and were perplexed as to why I didn't. Apparently I sound Irish enough if you've had the odd pint or three. I wasn't sure that my technique was elegant enough to qualify me as a teacher, but it didn't seem to matter much - the main qualification required was to be able to chat and knit garter stitch simultaneously. That, at least, I managed!

I met a lot of lovely people, but my favourite pupil was David. With minimal assistance he's picked up the knit stitch rather well, and with remarkably even tension for a beginner. I'm very, very proud of him.

And that will have to do for now. I'm knackered, so it's time for some mindless tv and bed.

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Anonymous Worsted Knitt Says:

Hey, sounds good! Me and Nic do have an agreement, that when he learns how to knit, I'll start as an admin on his sites. Which is hopefully never.

Happy you had a good time!


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