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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Our apartment

There's been some requests, okay one request, to see our apartment. So today when the sun came out (for the first time in a long time) I took some snaps. I'd also just cleaned up the evidence of my 2 weeks of baching (pizza boxes, empties and cigar butts all lovingly removed) so it was good timing.

(Try using the slideshow on the picasa album - you can see each photo as big as possible).

It's a nice apartment, the problem is the noise on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm adjusting to it by using the strongest air plugs I can find. I'm going to order some from the US that are even stronger. I'm also learning sign-language so I can communicate with Laura while I'm wearing them.

Speaking of Laura, I'm a bit worried as I can see Laura's flight has been delayed 1.5 hours (landing now) giving her just 50 minutes to change terminals at Heathrow and transfer to her flight for Dublin. I suppose it's possible just, but I think she might be put on a later flight :-(.

Update: still not landed... 45 minutes to connect... not enough I don't think.

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