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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Dear Mr Lilienthal

Further to your recent declaration, I am directed by An Post to inform you that under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1926, no person may keep, have in their possession, install, maintain, work or use any wireless telegraphy apparatus (including a television set) without a current television license. The holder of such apparatus is obliged to take out a license and the fact that the apparatus may be out of order or not in use does not relieve him/her of the obligation.

Current legislation provides for a fine of €635 on conviction for a first offence and a fine of €1,270 for a second or subsequent offence. The Act also provides for the forfeiture of the apparatus.

A television license may be purchased by cash, cheque or laser card at any Post Office. Alternatively, payment may be made by phone using a laser of [sic] credit card at lo-call 1890 228528.

Direct Debit mandates for use with a credit card or bank accounts are also available on request from this office or may be downloaded at www.anpost.ie/retailservices/televisionlicences.
The current television licence free is €158.

Your sincerely
G Wall


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Anonymous Bill Says:

And for that you get hours of quality RTE programming... Heh.


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