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Global News Roundup

  • I couldn't help but notice a New Zealand Post parcel sitting in the mail area downstairs - a quick examination revealed the sender is from Greerton (Tauranga). So there may be a New Zealander in #33. I'm half tempted to drop a little note in the letter box introducing myself, but I think Laura would kill me.

  • I love this extract from http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/06/28/AR2007062800002.html?hpid=moreheadlines relating details from Paris Hilton's interview with Larry King upon her release from the woman's jailhouse:
    Sometimes the pauses in interviews say more than the responses, and that was the case late in the hour when King asked Hilton -- who said she read the Bible every day while in the slammer -- to quote her favorite passage.

    Hilton said "hmmm" and then sank into what seemed a vast and vacant pause.

    Finally she averred, "I don't have a favorite."

  • Only in Dublin can you step out of the office and, in the middle of "summer", when faced with a very slight break in the constant drizzle, but still with grey skies, and wind, and cold, remark "Gee the weather out is good alright" without sarcasm.

  • I heard an amusing story on the radio a couple of days ago. It concerned a judge in Ireland who was up-in-arms over the maximum fine he could hand out to a man who was caught publically urinating in a "showman like fashion" - the fine was €2. He said it made a mockery of the law.

    I agree, especially given that an exercise in updating old law statutes was completed just a few months ago. Presumably someone took the trouble to "round-up" 2 shillings to €2, or something similar.

    However, it wasn't a complete waste of time because they did remove some outdated statutes, including: a prohibition on tiger fighting, a law preventing the adulteration of coffee with sheep dung and, close to my heart, a law preventing Jews from owning coats of arms. Strange but true.

  • I had become dissatisfied with my tie knots. They were lank and they slipped down during the day. I looked unkempt.

    So I learnt how to tie a full Windsor knot (erroneously called a "double Windsor" - erroneously because the normal knot is actually a half-Windsor, so two times a half equals a whole, not a double.) Please see the picture below. This is at the end of the day. Look how perfect and triangular the knot is. A huge improvement. In my mind, I am the envy of my co-workers.



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Blogger Bells Says:

LOL! That Paris Hilton quote has given me the best laugh I've had all day. Backs up everything I've said about her this week - which was probably way more than a thinking person ought to have said!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

A couple of weeks ago I observed one of my workmates taking off his tie, and was very surprised to see that he had to untie his tie knot. (Until that day I had always believed that a kosher tie knot had to unravel on its own.)

When I exclaimed in surprise he said 'oh, are you still using a half Windsor?' I had no idea I was so unfashionable.

The real question is should there be a dimple in the tie or not?


(In the third most expensive city in the world to buy a house.)


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