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Dulbin chai review: Fallon & Byrne

After some fairly urgent shopping today (I fly out to Vancouver for 2 weeks early tomorrow AM, and none of my clothes fit*), David and I dropped in to Fallon & Byrne for a take-away chai.

Fallon & Byrne
The chai comes in 2 sizes if you stay in, or 3 if you get it to go; prices vary if you stay or go also. We both ordered the medium t/away, for $2.60 each, which are around the same size as a Starbucks tall.

The initial smell is a little tea-y, but you can also smell cinnamon. That's because they sprinkle cinnamon on top before they put the lid on. I love cinnamon, and love it on chai, so F&B get extra points for that.

The flavour is delicate and less robust and spicy than I'd prefer, but it is only marginally sweet, which is great. After all, it's chai, not sugar with some hot milk added.

That said, I'd really prefer more spiciness - about 5 or 6 times spicier maybe.

All in all? It's a good chai, very mild, but a better introduction to chai than any other I've reviewed so far. And there is cinnamon on top. I know I'll drink this again, because David loves shopping at F&B, and it's close. And the chai isn't half bad either.

* I know, I know, I haven't blogged about work - or about the work clothes thing - yet. I'm a bit tired from my first week, and with the trip, I've been too busy organising myself to really blog about much. I should be up for much more once I'm back from Vancouver. Really.

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Blogger Diane Says:

enjoy your trip out to the west coast...

Anonymous Sara Says:

lovely Chai? Must try it there. i have eaten in their restaurant and really enjoyed it. You must try it sometime (AFTER you have been to Sixty6 on Lwr Georges St)


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