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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Disparity in drinking abilities

I stayed a bit late at work because I was doing something fun and as I currently have an empty home there is no reason to rush.

I was invited for a "quiet" pint with one of my co-workers and his brother and I bravely accepted. Bravely because I have been battling some kind of lurgy that has involved antibiotics and anti-nausea medication. Anyhow I am 2.5 pints of Guinness and 1 (delicious!) fish kebab down and I can confirm that I'm none the worse. I choose Guinness because it is full of vitamins so it is like a medicine.

I say 2.5 pints because I turned down the other 1.5 on offer (yes I finished with a 1/2 pint girl's beer). I'm a fairly tall guy and I think I hold my drink well, but 2.5 pints on an empty stomach is enough for me. My co-worker, and his brother, easily knocked back four. Four would have put me well over the edge (as it is, I'm on the edge). And yet, I know a fairly scrawny New Zealander that could manage four pints no problem. And she's a girl!

Anyhow, Brandi has just had an undignified departure from Canada's Next Top Model season 1 and this is our #100 post.

Come home soon Laura!

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Blogger Laura Says:

I am so proud of you!

And looking forward to coming home soon.


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