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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


Day 1 of x

I don't really like blogging about work as it feels narky - but in general terms, it was a good day. The project is interesting (there are major hurdles), but the people seem really good.

I sported my new fashion suit and hot-footed it the 30 minutes to where I'm working. I'm overturning bad habits too. I got up and made a sandwich for lunch. I also took loose green tea to work - no more takeaway coffee. Think of the money I'll save. And tea is better for the health. Unfortunately for both (money and health) I was coerced to my first pub for lunch (fish and chips - very good it was too). Green tea really is great. The first cup of the day (when all the caffeine and tannins are released) really does make you feel amazing. Try it (with good quality green tea!) if you don't believe me.

Working hours are 9 until 5.30 with a compulsory 1.25 hour lunch break. By compulsory, I mean if I don't take it, it doesn't mean I can leave 1.25 hours earlier. Starting at 9 seems very late to me. But it gives me time to prepare lunch and maybe do some yoga. Also, in spring and summer, the daytime hours are very long here.

A good first day all in all. I hope the optimism lasts!

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