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One step forward, two steps back

There's the good news, and the still-no-news.

First, the good news: we've found and put a deposit down on a new home. (A rental, don't worry, we're not crazy property speculators... for many reasons, one of which is the still-no-news to come.)

It's a 2-bedroom apartment near Christ Church, on the edge of Temple Bar. Which, if you don't know Dublin, means fairly central, on the right side of the River Liffey.

Rentals move very, very fast here - places go within an hour of being advertised online. And it can be a competitive market: people turn up, references and cash in hand, only to wait in a queue 20 people deep.

We only just got this place - the people who were supposed to be there before us decided to put off their viewing, Apparently there was a soccer game they wanted to watch.

Anyway, sucks to be them, because we got it. It's not as big as our apartment in Auckland (I've only seen 2 or 3 that size or larger in ads, and they're all multiple thousands a month), but it is fairly spacious and ticks most of the items off on our list.

Okay, my list. For example, a bath (extra-deep, yay!), a dishwasher (David's preference, but I'm doing most of the dishes at the moment, so yay!), a balcony, good storage, elevators, nice furnishings.

Yes, fursnishings. It's fully furnished. Sets of sheets and all. A clincher for me was that the furnishings are not dissimilar to those that David or I would choose anyway: no manky floral drapes or overstuffed couches.

No photos yet - I'll take some when we move in.

And now, the still-no-news: I am *still* job-hunting. I've applied for or enquired about a good number of roles, but so far, no dice.

It is fairly disheartening to go through the same process every (week) day. I'm not wild on selling myself, but I'm doing my best. What it really comes down to is finding the right role where my rather unique set of skills will be recognised and appreciated.

Meanwhile, I keep busy. Like a 50s housewife, I cook, clean, do laundry, buy groceries, that kind of thing. I knit, I read. I also spend a fair amount of time "catching up" on television I never knew I had missed out on: mostly lots of MTV reality drama, and the "someone-has-been-killed-so-let's-solve-the-mystery" genre. Scintillating stuff, I know.

Speaking of which, I should finish up - it's just about time for that show...

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Anonymous Katie Says:

Hey, WE have manky floral curtains and overstuffed sofas! What are you trying to say?

Sigh... Rentals...


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