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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


We did it! #1

... and we need to thank the gods for holding the rain back.

By witnessing David and Laura making their vows to each other, we are all, in a sense, pledging together with them. To bless this connection I invite everyone here to remember those you love. Open your hearts and memories so we can expand this ceremony to include the histories of each of us, the connections that spin invisibly from this gathering.

Bring to this place the many loves that have enriched us and imagine the warmth and light from all these, gathering around these two, bathing them with strength, beauty, love and innumerable enriching qualities.

David and Laura, deep commitment is a practice without end. It can reveal to us our true nature. Through knowing and appreciating each other in myriad ways, through trusting each other in a multitude of circumstances, your relationship will become a great gift to others. This is a wonderful way to live your lives. Your families, your friends, whole societies, a vast web of beings have all brought you here together. This is a blessing.

Love benefits the whole world. May the love you have for each other continue to blossom.

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Blogger The Editter Says:

wha-? you got married? Wahoo!!

Blogger Sarah Says:

I hope you didn't have tiaras in the flower arrangements ;)


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