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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding



There are many things I don't miss about work: getting up at a semi-regular time, having to wear something appropriate, having to walk downstairs to refill my water bottle, the dodgiest air conditioning ever...

But I do miss the Internet.* The nature of my job and my daily routine combined to keep me online all day, every work day. And when my work was done, I'd accomplish a few personal Internet-related tasks like blogging, emailing, reading my ever-increasing blogroll...

Now we're officially unemployed, I don't have that routine. Hell, I haven't even been using my own laptop! (David's has all the wedding-related stuff on it, so it's permanently installed in the living room for easy access.)

As a result, I feel the weensiest bit cut off from the world. I'm getting out more, and seeing loads of people - occasionally unwillingly (note to self: malls on Monday are not pleasant) - yet I feel strangely disconnected.

*And, of course, all my lovely co-workers, and the thrill of a job well done. Just not enough to drop into the office yet.

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