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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


A bower of flowers

Our house was a bower of flowers last week. Really.

First of all, we had the flowers I was given on the 19th when I left work.

Then on Tuesday we received a lovely vase and bouquet from our neighbours, aka the rockin' librarians.

(OK, that's not what we really call them, but it's how I think of them. Partying, fun-loving... they're not your mother's librarians... Unless you're me, though my mother the librarian is not that kind of librarian...)

But I digress.

So the second bouquet, which had beautiful pinks and greens and whites, to tone with the oyster-coloured vase. (Love that vase!)

Then Wednesday rolled around, and we met with the florist to go over the wedding flowers. At the end of the meeting, she gave us the flowers she'd used to demonstrate the styles: mostly white hydrangeas, but also lisianthus.

So much for needing to buy flowers to celebrate unemployment!

And if you're interested, Lili very obligingly took some photos of the flowers for me.

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