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Cinnamon patrol

Mr and Mrs Lili Wedding


A small complaint

Late last week I decided that I did need a diary this year, after all. Relying on Lili being by my side to keep track of all my appointments is... well, a flawed plan to say the least.

So we looked for my diary. Small but not tiny, attractive, not hideously expensive.

And we looked. And looked.

I was perfectly willing to pay full price (for a change), but could I find a decent diary? Hell no! All the diaries that remained from the post-New Year's diary sales-orgy were ugly, impractical, and odd. Not to mention still a bit of a rip-off.

Stores (and Whitcoulls, I'm mostly speaking to you here), please stock a small range of attractive, non-bog-standard diaries for the stylish people about town who may have neglected to purchase on earlier. You'd do very well in sales I'm sure.

I did get a diary in the end - a lovely (and expensive) pale blue model from kikki.K. Bless you kikki.K for stocking something so lovely!

Moral of the story: buy your damn diary before the end of January if you're a discerning diary-buyer.

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Blogger Violet Says:

The boy brought me a beautiful journal from the UK. The covers are from the Book of Kells and it looks hand-bound. Only I don't want to write any old shit in it and ruin the lovely thing.


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